healing power of the mind
Here are many things one can do to assist the healing process. We can rest more than usual and ensure that everyday stress is minimized so the body has an abundance of energy and resources with which to heal. We can eat healthily to provide our body and brain with the essential minerals and nutrients it needs to rebuild. We can drink plenty of pure water to flush out toxins, keep our cells hydrated and create a healthy physical environment.
We can also choose to refrain from our habits, such as drinking, smoking and over eating, that put strain upon our body and overwork the immune system. A healthy immune system is crucial to quick and complete healing after any injury to the body.
All of these are physical actions and seemingly have nothing to do with the mind but consider this; the extent to which we will accept and practice these physical steps to aid the body in it’s healing process is a choice. A choice we make with our minds. Whether we stick to these changes once we have made them is also something that happens in the mind.

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