An unavoidable introduction
We usually hear “ I believe or I don’t believe “ ,believers usually looks to non- believers as Atheist .In fact every human being believe in something that could looks reasonable for him and unreasonable for others, even atheist are believers from another type. Another point of view goes fare to that atheist does not scientifically exist
Believers and non- believers meditate on their own thoughts, that it to say, that both types need something in common and that is “Meditation” . Every known religion have prayers, in which meditation is obligatory or at least requested during the citation of his or her supplications. The mysterious , the impossible to understand to explain or to identify, or what we can call “The supreme power” is always the aim. Human being in different languages ,in different religions with different faiths cry out to him in order to summon or attract his attention.
On the other hand, non-believers seek the truth through other more materialistic methods depending on logic and scientific facts. The problem is ,that logic should be proceeded by some imagination (which is non-materialistic) and scientific progress is based on contradictive argument and accumulation of knowledge which could take sometimes to become an undoubtable fact. Two words can shed some light on this dogma, ‘To discover’ - which show our ignorance- as the discovered object was there but we couldn’t see or reach it, and ‘ To invent ‘ - which insure our insufficiency – and that we are not perfect yet. In short, we are looking for Perfection with imperfect mind and tools.

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